About Us

We are happy providing the best taxi services in Istanbul and across Turkey.

About us

Comfortable, safe, and quality transportation

We are a dynamic team who specialize in providing quality taxi, shuttle, and private car services in Turkey. As our brand name may suggest, Istanbul is our main service area where our headquarters is located. However, we also provide services to other major cities of Turkey.

Istanbul is a fascinating city as well as a city with challenges. We are happy to offer comfortable and enjoyable solutions to these challenges with our services.

About Istanbul Taxi Port
About Istanbul Taxi Port
Why Choose Us

A quality transportation service brings many benefits. Hence, it is always in high demand.

We are a part of Gezzilla’s service network which provides quality land transportation solutions with a professional approach. Naturally, we keep our taxi services in line with certain standards.

Our team consists of professionals with a solid background in the travel and tourism industry. Moreover, we adopt a customer-oriented approach and conduct our business accordingly.


Professional Car Driver


Fixed Price &


A Selection of
Good Cars


Accessible and Practical Support

Anywhere in Istanbul and across Turkey

A business event or an intercity ride? Just tell us the address. We'll take care of the rest.

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